'Crushed Lemons' is out now!

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Claire Heywood is a songwriter whose music has been featured on CPR News, 105.5 The Colorado Sound, KTCL 93.3, and Colorado Public Radio's Indie 102.3.


After playing solo sets for small listening audiences alongside poets, comedians, and writers in Denver for several years, Heywood self-released an EP titled "The Wind, It Howls" in March 2019. In 2020, Heywood released three singles: "Python," "Letter Day," and "I Won't Resign My Love For That Old Dream." The songs were recorded at the home studio of bandmate/producer Michael Sandoval and sees Heywood take on new roles as a rhythm guitarist and co-producer.

Influences range from Rilo Kiley to Lucinda Williams. ​"Heywood’s casually charismatic delivery is reminiscent of a less angsty Courtney Barnett, but her brassy and mature vibrato sets her apart.' - Two Story Melody

In August 2021, Heywood released a single titled "Crushed Lemons."

"Singer-songwriter Claire Heywood is first and foremost a poet. Her journey began with pages and pages of poems, which she turned into music after taking voice and guitar lessons online. After only a few years, she's established herself in the Denver music scene. 303 Magazine calls her "a voice that refuses to go unnoticed." -CPR NEWS 

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"She saunters through six tracks that have a simple beauty to them. An exemplary debut, definitely one to keep an eye out for."
CULTURE Magazine 

"Heywood’s beautifully raspy and deliberate vibrato conveys emotion in a manner that even seasoned veterans struggle to achieve." 
303 Magazine 

"It’s easy to see why Heywood quickly became a voice that many folks were drawn to. If her sonic resonance had an aesthetic, it would be a homey mix of 70s-art-deco and modern-country sentiment. As graceful, poised, and confident Heywood is in conversation, her music offers a further vibration of eloquence that easily transports us to another plane."
-Out Front Magazine 

A poet as well as a songwriter, Denver-based artist Claire Heywood makes the kind of propulsive Americana music that plays well at festivals. Her lyrics are evocative and imagistic, which reflects both her literary background and her musical influences. These include Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, and Lucinda Williams, the latter of whom’s presence is especially felt on the gothic-tinged “Old Soul’s Motel.” 
-Country Queer 

Claire is a mellow and quiet performer, but again, that power in her voice and songs comes through during the whole show. It’s almost like she doesn’t understand how wonderful her songs are, yet she exudes that confidence of an old soul. Her new single, “Crushed Lemons,” is the kind of song you can play on repeat and never get tired of it. I’ll be first in line for her 2022 shows.