art by amelia rascal 

photo | video: nosferatune

CLAIRE HEYWOOD is a singer-songwriter with a smoky, emotive voice and "thoughtfully measured lyrics and melodies." (Westword) You can find her on Colorado Public Radio at Indie 102.3 for the month of March! 

A longtime creative writer, Heywood quietly explored the crafts of vocal performance and songwriting for two years before beginning to play sets in small listening rooms around Denver. 

In 2018, a band came together to back Heywood's original songs: Michael Sandoval, Wes Barton, Duncan Britt, Trevor Vader, and Rebecca Hannigan. In March 2019, the group released an EP entitled The Wind It Howls to a crowd at Syntax Physic Opera.


In an interview, 303 Magazine called the record "a deeply personal — yet unequivocally relatable — account of love and loss, redemption and healing."

"Her mature vocals and thoughtfully crafted lyrics make it hard to believe that Heywood has only been seriously pursuing songwriting for the past few years. With such a strong introduction to the music scene, it’s clear that Heywood’s is a voice that refuses to go unnoticed." 

Heywood's first performance at the Underground Music Showcase was called 'One of the 29 Best Shows' of the year by 303 Magazine. She recently announced her next single, PYTHON, will be out April 17! 

Listen to The Wind, It Howls >> 

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